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Champaign Landscape & Lawn Care Maintenance

Champaign Landscape & Lawn Care Maintenance

  • Lawn Cutting and Trimming: (standard service)
    We will provide regular scheduled cutting and trimming visits of lawn areas using a 5 day schedule as necessary. Your property will be given an assigned day of the week to be serviced; although conditions may change due to rainy days and weather pattern variables. Exact scheduled days may be altered to accommodate best practical solutions. On each service visit, we will also trim around all trees, rocks, beds, and buildings removing all clippings from landscaping beds, base of trees, building foundations, asphalt, and concrete surfaces. We may also utilize lawn clipping bagging equipment on an as needed basis to provide relief to elevate unsightly clippings. This service will be implemented as deemed necessary by your weekly lawn maintenance technicians or as specifically requested by the client with possible additional fees.

  • Lawn Edging: (standard service)
    We will use edging tools to provide a clean, detailed edge along all sidewalks, curbs, and concrete drives every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing season or more often upon request. This service gives your lawn and landscaped areas that extra touch of detail you may be looking for.

  • Spring/Fall Cleanups: (standard service)
    Leaves, trash and debris will be removed from all lawn and landscaped areas. Spring cleanup work shall take place before or in conjunction with the first lawn mowing. Fall leaf removal from all lawn and landscaped areas to take place as leaves are approximately half fallen and when the rest of leaves have approximately fallen. Lawn will be cut (mowed) and trimmed with any cleanup visit as well. All leaves shall be removed from the property as necessary. Note: cleanup can vary greatly from season to season; therefore billing is per man-hour to exact time as necessary.

  • Shrub Care and Pruning: (optional service)
    Shrubs and Ornamental Trees can be pruned and shaped as needed per different variety during growing season helping to keep shrubs and ornamental trees healthier and neat in appearance. Broken, unhealthy, infected, and low hanging branches and limbs shall be removed from all high profile trees in and around lawn and landscaped areas. Proper pruning and trimming techniques will be implemented on all pruning work.

  • Bed Mulch Maintenance: (optional service)
    Beds shall be prepped properly and a new layer of specified thickness (2" normal unless otherwise discussed) shall be installed insuring beds be attractive; this will also provide essential beneficial nutrients to plants and limit weed growth in beds.

  • Bed Weed Control: (optional service)
    Maintain landscape beds to provide minimal weed infestation by hand pulling of weeds and/or chemical means as necessary throughout growing season. Weed control elimination can become very specialized, therefore only general cost and labor figures are given and may change as necessary means of attack are discovered.

  • Aeration: (optional service)
    Lawn areas can be aerated in spring or fall; we recommend spring. Aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil from your lawn, therefore reducing soil compaction and promoting root growth for a healthier lawn. By aerating your lawn, it allows water, fertilizer, and air into root system.

  • Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program: (optional service)
    Application Schedule  
     1. March 15 - April 15    Dry Fertilization and Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
     2. April 15 - May 15    Broadleaf Weed Control
     3. May 15 - June 15    Dry Fertilization
     June 30 - July 15    Grub Control
     August 15    Dry Fertilization
     September 15 - October 15    Late Season Broadleaf Weed Control
     October 15 - November 30    UREA

  • Tree and Shrub Spraying: (optional service)
    • Spring Dormant Oil: April 15 - May 30 -- Helps with winter stress, smothers out overwintering insect eggs.

    • Insect and Disease Control: May 30 - August 30 -- Deters foliage damage from insects for 30 days; photosynthesis occurs easier with undamaged foliage.

    • Fall Dormant Oil: September 30 - October 31 -- Prepares foliage for winter stress by trapping in moisture and nutrients, smothers out overwintering insect eggs, helps to prevent winter burn.

    • Spring/Fall Deep Root Fertilization: Spring April 15 - May 30 | Fall September 30 - October 31 -- Promotes blossoming, returns nutrients back to soil, directly injects micro-nutrients into deep root system, aids in photosynthesis process, helps maintain overall health and beauty of plant. 

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